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The Intelligent Multi-talented Graphic Designer.
Troy is a freelance graphic designer and Multimedia Professional in branding and marketing and web development for those who are interested in building a strong online presence. He has worked with numerous clients on different design aspects Such as logo-design, web design, T-shirt design and Various print media projects. Troy has helped many new businesses build A visual I.D. For the real and digital Realms.

Troy Winfield a multitalented freelance artist and web designer from South Jamaica, Queens New York. Ever since a child Troy has been blessed with a unique imagination. Troy always had a vision and dream of controlling his own media network, he is on a quest to becoming a self empowered entrepreneur and determined to make an impact on the world of art, business, media and design. There is nothing more important to Troy than the message of truth and creativity to be expressed throughout the journey of life. Troy Completed his associates degree of Art and Applied Science in 2006 from TCI College Technical Career institutes for Digital Media arts. Troy is currently building his network and furthering his education in graphic arts and advertising design. 

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